Hellboy Library Edition Volume 6

Script Mike Mignola, art by Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, Richard Corben, Kevin Nowlan and Scott Hampton. All illustrations are ©Mike Mignola.

This article deals with Dark Horse Hellboy material published in oversized hardcover canvas books (12 x 9 inches or 31 x 23 cm) on thick glossy paper, with a bookmark ribbon (see also the end of this article).

Here is volume 6  published in June 2013 (ISBN 978-1-61655-133-9, cover price 49.99$, 423 pages). As well as the original comics and their virgin respective covers (sometimes in B&W), the books come also with sketches, alternative drawings, comments by the author(s), unpublished bits and pieces among many other cool stuffs. All the books apart The Art of Hellboy share the same first of cover.

This volume divided in two parts collects for the first part:

  • "The Storm" (art by Duncan Fregredo)
  • "The Fury" (art by Duncan Fregredo)

The second part collects shorts stories:
  • "Hellboy in Mexico" (art by Richard Corben)
  • "Double Feature of Evil" (art by Richard Corben)
  • "The Sleeping and the Dead" (art by Scott Hampton)
  • "The Bride of hell" (art by Richard Corben)
  • "The Whittier Legacy" (originally published on, art by mike Mignola)
  • "Buster Oakley Gets His Wish" (art by Kevin Nowlan)
It opens with the usual Scott Allie introduction. Then "The Storm" and "The Fury are introduced by Glen David Gold. Of course Mike Mignola is in charge of the afterword (as well as a thank you note for Duncan Fregredo, Scott Allie and Dave Stewart).

art by Scott hampton

art by Kevin Nowlan

The 87 pages bonus section begins with 3 pages of story notes by Mike Mignola, and two Duncan Fregredo's sketches right after Mike's afterword.

The comprehensive sketchbook section is commented by all the artists involved.

The book finishes with 18 pages dedicated to the art of Duncan Fregredo.

Dark Horse Hellboy Library Edition as of June 2013:


  1. Hellboy in Hell Library Edition is coming out in Fall 2017 if you haven't heard

    1. yes, and also the BPRD HC collection (see the forthcoming releases section)

    2. Mignola also has another short original GN coming out in Oct. " Mr. Higgins Comes Home"


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