Hellboy Library Edition Volume 1

Script Mike Mignola and John Byrne, art by Mike Mignola. All illustrations are ©Mike Mignola.

This article deals with Dark Horse Hellboy material published in oversized hardcover canvas books ( 12 x 9 inches or 31 x 23 cm) on thick glossy paper, with a bookmark ribbon (see also the end of this article).

In April 2008, Dark Horse started publishing all the Hellboy material in the same library form as 'The Art of Hellboy'. Let's begin with volume 1 (ISBN: 978-1-59307-910-9, cover price 49.99$, 278 pages):

As well as the original comics and their virgin respective covers, the books come also with sketches, alternative drawings, comments by the author(s), unpublished bits and pieces among many other cool stuffs. All the books from the Library Edition collection, apart The Art of Hellboy, share the same second and third of cover (same illustration on both).

The book opens with an introduction by Scott Allie. It collects:

  • "Seeds of Destruction"
  • "Wake the Devil" with its 5 pages epilogue
  • two 'Hellboy World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator' stories scripted by John Byrne and used to promote 'Seed of Destruction' (from the San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 and from the Comics Buyer's Guide)

"Seeds of Destruction" is introduced by Robert Bloch, then Alan Moore introduces "Wake the Devil". Mike Mignola is in charged of the afterword.

end and beginning of the two prequels stories

There is 33 pages of bonus material here, mostly commented sketches by the artist.

Dark Horse Hellboy Library Edition as of October 2017:

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  1. I have the first five volumes signed by Mignola (from his personal collection and purchased from Stuart Ng books). I bought them on a whim and realised the story really wasn't my cup of tea (despite the artwork being rather nice, the stories didn't appeal to me). If you want to 'upgrade', let me know...


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