Robocop vs The Terminator Gallery Edition

Script by Frank Miller and art by Walter Simonson. All material is ©MGM and Studio Canal.

Published by Dark Horse and Boom! studio in July 2014 (ISBN: 978-1-616555-007-3, 15 x 17.5 inches or 39 x 44 cm, 125$, 150 pages), this edition is a limited print but I don't know how many copies have been produced. This book, printed on thick mat paper, has been designed by Tina Alessi and is the first volume published in dark Horse Gallery Edition line (edited by Brendan Wright).

Below is a picture displayed for size comparison with issue #4 of the original series published in 1992 by Dark Horse.

Second and third of cover display the same illustration. After the credits pages and table of content, the book opens with a 2 pages foreword by Walter Simonson dated November 2013.
Reproduced also below, is the page explaining where material sources originate and the scanning process from original art and for the three missing pages.

Walt Simonson intro

it's all explained here!
All four issues mini-series, including covers, are then presented in their original art form. Note that issue #3 originally began with a three pages panel. This panel is printed here in wraparound form which was not the case in the original comic. In my opinion Simonson's art is magnified in this edition.

there were some pre-photoshop collages done for this work

first ...

.. second and third page opening original issue #3 ..

... here in one wraparound panel form

some more pre-photoshop collage

another wraparound panel (as displayed on two pages in the original comic)

The book continues with a 37 pages extra section that featured pencils, lithograph art, TPB covers and promotional pinup art (full content listed in the first picture below). Note that all four original comics featured cardboard standup art that are reproduced here.


2 of the 4 cardboard standup

and what it looks like in the original comic (issue #4)

promotional pinup art

the book finishes with a mini bio of the authors

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