Y The Last Man Vol 2 Absolute Oversized Slipcase Edition

Script by Brian K. Vaughan, art by Pia Guerra, Goran Parlov and Goran Sudzuka. All illustrations are © Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra and DC Comics. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Happy 30th Anniversary!

This is not a new article, but just my way to celebrate my favorite comics character, written by my favorite writer, and illustrated by my favorite artist. Last August has marked the 30th anniversary of the first Marshal Law comics (issue #1 of the Epic Comic series), and the very same month I was able to put my hand on an A/P copy of the Graphitti Designs limited signed edition described here.

Interested to know more or to dig deeper into the series/character? Marshal Law has is own Facebook page and his own dedicated blog/site.


Dark Knight Returns The Last Crusade Deluxe Edition

Script Frank Miller and Brain azzarello, art John Romita Jr. and Peter Steigerwald. All illustration are ©DC Comics. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Dark Knight III The Master Race Collector's Hardcover Box Set

The article related to this edition is finally finished!

Story-wise and art-wise, I have really enjoyed these books. The finished set also looks pretty good, and Jim Lee's pencil covers are beautiful. But in terms of extras, the digital edition of the single issues is in my opinion the true collector's edition.


Watchmen Noir

Script Alan Moore, art by Dave Gibbons, all material is ©DC Comics. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Astérix Chez Les Belges Version Luxe Grand Format

Scénario René Goscinny, dessins Albert Uderzo (pour la partie couleur nous avons affaire à la nouvelle colorisation). Toutes les illustrations sont ©Goscinny/Uderzo et Hachette. Pour une liste complète des livres passés en revue dans ce blog consulter l'index.


Dark Knight III The Master Race Collector's Slipcase

The full article dedicated to this HC series will be updated as soon as I have received issues #7 and #8. In the meantime, issue #9 has reached my letter box this week. So here is an advanced view of the slipcase.

Notice that as a standalone purchase, it is not a bad idea to have used this extra "drawer" displaying the rest of the spines illustration.


Article Update June 2017

The French Hellboy B&W oversize hardcover collection has expend with the second volume of Hellboy in Hell The Death Card.

I have updated the related article accordingly, in English et en français.


Spirits Of Place Text Anthology Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Text anthology edited by John Reppion including essays by Alan Moore, Maria J. Pérez Cuervo, Warren Ellis, Gazelle Amber Valentine, Iain Sinclair, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Vajra Chandrasekera, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Kristine Ong Muslim, Mark Pesce, Dr. Joanne Parker, and Damien Williams. All material is © of their respective authors. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Article Update May 2017

I have upgraded my Ronin Gallery Edition to the signed and numbered version, and I am very, very happy about that. The Graphitti Design Signed Gallery Editions line has in my opinion the most beautiful design on the market (debossed slipcase and debossed taped-spine).

The related article have been updated accordingly.