Doctor Who The Dave Gibbons Oversized Collection

This article (one of the very first written for this blog) has been enriched on the 20 April 2015.

Scripted by Pat Mills (135 pages), John Wagner, Steve Moore and Steve Parkhouse (see a picture below for full credits details). All material is ©BBC.

Published in October 2010 by IDW (ISBN: 978-1613770634, 372 pages, cover price $50), this oversized (9.2 x 13.3 inches, 23.5 cm x 33.8 cm) book presents all the Time Lords stories drawn by Dave Gibbons in the eighties.

The book, edited by Justin Eisinger and Alonzo Simon with a collection design by David Boswell, is printed on high quality thick mat paper, and displays the coloring from 2007 executed by Charlie Kirchoff (original publishing was in B&W). A picture below is for size comparison with issue #1 of the IDW comics reprint of 2007. Second and third of cover are plain white.

IDW's quality binding
The book opens with an introduction by Dave Gibbons (one page + 3 pencils) but there are no other extra in this edition (but hey, it's really oversized so I am happy anyway). Here is also the full credits page.

This edition collects Doctor Who Weekly issues #1-16 & #19-45, as well as Doctor Who Monthly #46-57 & #60-69 (fourth and fifth Doctor adventures, up to issue #34 included for Pat Mills related material). Note that as far as I am aware, these original issues either feature pictures of the real actors or montage of the interior pages, hence there are no original covers displayed in this book.

the Fifth Doctor

this character kind of resembles Dave Gibbons


Promethea Absolute Oversized Slipcase Collection

Script by Alan Moore, art by J.H.Williams III with Mick Gray, Jeromy Cox and Todd Klein.

Published in three volumes by America's Best Comics through Wildstorm (book one and two) and DC (book three), these are oversized slipcase (8, 5 x 12,8 inches, 21.5 cm x 32.5 cm) editions printed on quality thick glossy paper.

In chronological appearance we have book one (ISBN 978-1-4012-2372-4, cover price 99,99$) issued in October 2009. Some pictures of the outer slipcase:

And here is the inner cover book:

This first volume displays up to 300 pages with the first 12 issues. The following pictures shows some element of how the reader is introduce to the book (note the bookmark cord, and the short rhymes for each chapter):

Each original cover is reprinted in this beautiful edition, and this first book has also a two pages foreword written by Alan Moore, and an afterword written by Brian Meltzer (no other extra).

Then we have the second book (ISBN 978-1-4012-2842-2 , cover price 99,99$) issued one year later in October 2010. Again, some pictures of the outer slipcase:

And here is the inner cover book:

This second volume displays up to 300 pages with issue 13 to 23 and an extended bonus section (28 pages) with cover art gallery (pencils, back cover and front cover for the previous hardcover and softcover editions), sketchbook and washes. Again, each original cover is reprinted.

And finally, here is the third book (ISBN 978-1-4012-2947-4, cover price 99.99$), published in December 2011, first outer slipcase..

..and the inner book.

With this third volume (circa 300 pages) we have issue 24 to 32 reprinted with their original cover, and an extended bonus section (75 pages!) that displays:
  • 2 pages foreword by Eric Shanower,
  • issue 32 in a two sided A3 poster form (the original came in two separated A2 posters),
  • variations for the cover of issue #32 and its making of,
  • appearances of Promethea in the ABC universe including the entire story "Little Margie in Misty Magic Land" from the 64 pages ABC's giant special (Steeve Moore & Eddie Shanower),
  • pictures and pencils for the action figure and statue,
  • J.H. Williams III commentary of his work on the last part of the saga (5 illustrated pages),
  • the entire Alan Moore script for issue #29.

Bragging section know, as I can also display here the Magical Edition of issue #32, including the two A2 posters version of the story (see the two pictures above and imagine them in A2 size), all issues (and collected edition) virgin covers, and limited to 1000 copies.

front signed cover

44 pages worth of covers art

one of the collected edition cover

a two pages afterword by JH Williams III dated December 2004

hand numbered back cover