The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 3 Hardcover Edition

Script by Alan Moore, art by Kevin O'Neill with Ben Dimagmaliw. All material presented here is ©Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This hardcover collected edition of century (7 x 10.5 inches or 18 x 27 cm, 256 pages) designed by Todd Klein, was co-published in June 2014 by Top Shelf (ISBN: 978-1-60309-329-3, cover price $29.95) and Knockabout Comics (ISBN: 978-0-86166-232-6, cover price £19.99). It comes with a fully illustrated dust jacket (see pictures above and below) and, as I have bought the 2014 San Diego comic con version, it features a signed and numbered embossed bookplate (mine is #376). Note that this bookplate was inserted in the regular book but the later was sold 50$ at the July SDCC convention.

I will try to pinpoint exhaustively all the new exclusive illustrations done especially for this edition by Kevin O'Neill, starting with dust jacket cover and flaps, and the beautifully painted second and third of covers. The third picture below is for size comparison with the regular third issue of the series (Century #3: 2009), and the oversized Delcourt French edition for Century #1:1910.

The inner book displays a black embossed canvas hardcover (there is no design on the back cover).

this illustration is exclusive to this edition

page left taken from 1910, page right exclusive to this edition

page left taken from 1910

page right exclusive to this edition

Every B&W third of cover of original issues ending Minions of The Moon are published here in colourised form.

page left exclusive to this edition

colourised version from third of 1910's cover

The thirteen pages extra section displays:
  • Promotional art for Volume III presentation
  • All three back covers for original issues
  • original cover devised for the Italian Edition
  • All three original covers for original issues
  • All three limited Gosh! bookplate illustrations
  • An exclusive patchwork illustration
page left from 1910 credits page, page right promotional art dated circa 2003

back cover for 1969

page left back cover for 2009, page right cover for Italian edition

cover for 1969

1969 and 2009 Gosh! limited bookplate

exclusive illustration
This edition doesn't included second of cover (vintage advert page), credits page as well as opening "helmeted Lady with a trident (LOEG associated symbol)" opening page from 1969 and 2009.

I have been lucky enough to put my hands on the Gosh! limited signed and numbered (out of 1000, respectively #820, 8 and 954) bookplates.


Light of Thy Countenance Signed Limited Hardcover Edition

Script Alan Moore (adapted by Antony Johnston), art by Felipe Massafera. All material is ©Alan Moore. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.