What I'm after

Here are some of the books I'm after :

Frank Miller

Batman The Dark Knight Graphitti Designs
Sin City Limited Edition Signed HC series

Alan Moore

From Hell the Painfully Limited Edition (because anybody as the right to dream, and drool)
Dave Gibbons' Watchmen IDW Artifact Edition Limited Variant Edition (25 copies, one down!)

Mike Mignola

Seed of Destruction limited signed red slipcase edition

Bill Sienkiewicz

Stray Toaster Graphitti Designs


  1. Hi, I found your blog some time ago, I'm building my own collection - not as awesome as your's - and here's a question: do you have YT where you share thoughts about comics with other people? If not, are you planning to do such a thing, that would be cool.

  2. Hi. Being French I am not sure what YT means. Usually I share my thoughts about comics on the Forum of the French comics related site BDGest, especially on topics regarding deluxe, absolute or other kind of Artist editions. I am searching from some time now the equivalent topic in an English speaking forum where I would be sure to find the latest news or announcements about these editions. Note that, as shown on this blog, I am mostly exchanging factual insights about comics (size, edition form, content, extra, publication date etc..), I find it difficult to share my thoughts about the work itself.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry should've been more specific, YT stands for this funny little thing called YouTube, you may have heard about it. I would really like see videos with your collection.

    Can you point me which websites you are getting info about those editions from? I don't speak french, I'm polish but live in London.

    I see you got All Star Batman Absolute by Miller. I love Jim Lee's work but I heard this thing is bad - hard to believe - and not worth picking u. Would you give me your opinion here?

  4. I have recently found the most complete, up to date site to find informations about these edition on the community forum of the CBR site (Collected editions topics), it's in my links list. Also in my links list The Omnibus Collector's blog provides a lot of video on YT. I will probably not do that myself.

    I have read Miller's All Star Batman back when it was originally published in floppies. It's very, very over the top, portraying a very psychotic loony Batman, but I am one of the few people that thought it was fun and had enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks! I follow CBR on FB and Twitter, they've been posting lots of videos from Comic Con recently but didn't have a chance to check forums. Will do.

    Shame you won't be doing any videos, there is a crowd out there begging for much rare editions to show, not only Omnibuses and Absolutes from Marvel/DC. I know Omnibus Collector, but he's got only usual stuff. Anyway, thanks for reply.

  6. Hi,
    I have just stumbled across your blog and I was surprised, did not know there were a lot of other people who collected the same stuff as me (Except the French ones, sadly I don’t speak French)
    Drop me a line, if you want to compare notes, trade or similar 

    1. Hi David. There is definitely a community that collect these sort of books, don't hesitate to join it here


    1. thanks Lee. I have my eye on that copy for quite some time, but money's tight this month.

  8. Hello from the "States",
    I find your site very informative and because of it I have acquired he Marvel Premiere Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, the 10th Anniversary TDKR boxed set and now know to try and find the A/P Graffitti Watchmen (I purchased the regular edition back in 1990 and still own it).

    But two editions of Frank Miller's TDKR I would like to bring to your attention (if you don't know about them) are:
    1) The Complete Frank Miller Batman (Longmeadow Press 1989):
    (I own both the 1st edition with the blue book ribbon and the 2nd edition with the black book ribbon) plus don't forget the companion Joker volume (both designed by Dean Motter)

    2)RW Lion/DC "Il Ritorno del Cavaliere Oscura it is a limited edition leather bound HC with TDKR (with the same forward by Miller from the 10th anniversary editions) and The Dark Knight: The Crusade (with the contents from the DC "Deluxe Edition") limited to 1000 copies (I have 070/1000) printed I assume for the chain of alastor stores in Italy. It comes with a lithograph and a coin/medallion minted by
    All in a nifty soft black canvas bag.


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