Top Ten Absolute Oversized Slipcase Edition

Script by Alan Moore, art Gene Ha and Zander Cannon with Wildstorm FX, Art Lyon, Ben Dimagmaliw, Dan Brown and Todd Klein. All illustrations are ©.

Published in June 2013 by DC Comics, this oversized slipcase edition (8, 5 x 12,8 inches, 21.5 cm x 32.5 cm) displays exclusive cover illustrations with some glossy varnished part (ISBN 978-1-4012-3825-4, cover price 99,99$, almost 600 pages). Below are pictures of the fully illustrated dust jacket:

And here is the inner cover book with his wraparound illustration and orange bookmark ribbon (a picture below is for size comparison with one of the original regular comic). Second and third of cover display different art.

A three page introduction written by Alan Moore (note dated) opens the book that contains the following material:

  • "Top Ten" #1-12
  • "Smax" #1-5
  • "Deadfellas" (from America's Best Comics 64-pages Giant #1)
  • "The Forty-Niners"

Each original cover is reprinted in this beautiful edition originally edited by Scott Dunbier.

The 44 pages absolute Top Ten gallery displays covers, sketches and layouts by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon. It ends with a very short authors bio. Let's begin with trade paperbacks covers (5 pages):

Then let's continue with character's design and Neopolis layouts(14 pages):

Then we have the highlight of this bonus section, the entire rough layouts of issue #1 followed by design notes by Gene Ha on issues #1, 2 and 3 (26 pages):

And at the end of the book, one's can find a two page precinct 10 lobby mural:

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