Cinema Purgatorio #1 Kickstarter Editions

Scrips by Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage, Max Brooks, and art by Kevin O'Neill, Raulo Caceres, Ignacio Calero, Gabriele Andrade, Michael DiPascale. All illustrations are © of their respective authors. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This article deals with the limited Kickstarter editions of Cinema Purgatorio #1, which is a Black & Whire anthology of four stories: Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill, Code Pru by Garth Ennis & Raulo Caceres, Modded by Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero, A More Perfect Union by Max Brooks & Michael DiPascale, and The Vast! by Christos Cage & Gabriel Andrade. The associated campaign to finance the ongoing series was launched by Avatar Press in February 2016 for an April/May 2016 shipping. In my reward I was entitled to get three versions of this hardcover book, and I will described them all. The three pictures above are from the signed editions. There are two "signed" edition sharing the same Kevin O'Neill variant cover and bar code.

The regular Kevin O'Neill cover for the regular issue #1 published in stores in May 2016 is this one:

This regular edition was also published with variant covers from the other stories:

Ancient Tome Premium variant cover

Below are pictures of the "regular" limited Kickstarter edition with another Kevin O'Neill variant cover:

don't know why there is no mention of A More Perfect Union story

the signed editions have a "00021" bar code

From Avatar Press: "The Kickstarter edition of Cinema Purgatorio #1 includes 16 pages of exclusive material that provide a vital look into the stories and behind the scenes of the project. These unique editorial pages include material that directly relates to and reveals some secrets to characters, scenes, and the anthology stories. Among these special pages are cut scenes from the video with Alan Moore and some very cool hints at future chapters of the series. Basically the additional content in the issue will allow you to piece together some clues of the upcoming tales and enrich your understanding of the Cinema Purgatorio project and world. This content is only available in the special Kickstarter edition - it won't be included in the singles". All hardcover Kickstarter editions do indeed feature 16 extra pages of B&W cut scenes from the video, and only cut scenes (there is no text).

plain white second and third of cover are the same for all Kickstarter editions

glued binding for all three versions

Using what was advertised in the rewards, number of copies should be the following (thanks to Marc Labrosse from the Kickstarter comment page for the counting);
  • Cinema Purgatorio #1 "regular" Hardcover Kickstarter edition: 2276 copies (including some copies that were available to be signed by Kevin O'Neill during the February 2016 London Super Comic Con) + 1200 copies for the added retailer's sets
  • Cinema Purgatorio #1 Hardcover Kickstarter edition signed by Moore, O'Neill, Ennis and Gillen: 341 copies
  • Cinema Purgatorio #1 Hardcover Kickstarter lettered edition with an exclusive sketch by O'Neill and signed by Moore: 26 copies

Notice that only the 26 lettered copies have reached their pledge limit at the end of the campaign, so that means that copies of the other versions could still be available. And indeed, remaining copies of the regular hardcover edition are now available at Comic Cavalcade store.

Both signed editions have the same additional signature plate, printed on thick mat paper. Here is the signature plate of the "only" signed edition. The certificate of authenticity has been simply printed on a A5 piece of paper.

And here is the signature plate of the lettered edition, where Kevin O'Neill has drawn one of 26 different sketches. The certificate of authenticity has been simply printed on a A5 piece of paper, and mine is lettered W (the signature plate is not lettered).

These two other sketches below (with the same character it seems) were advertised by Avatar press during the campaign. If you own one copy of this lettered edition don't hesitate to share your signature plate here!

The main content of the book, printed on thin glossy paper, is identical for all Kickstarter versions. Eight pages are dedicated to each story (non counting their respective opening pages), except for The Vast! that has only six pages.

let's start with Cinema Purgatorio

A More Perfect Union

end credits precede the last story

The book finishes with the 16 pages cut scenes from Mitch Jenkins video.

My reward included an eight-card set of 11 x 17 inches (or 28 x 43 cm) Cinema Purgatorio colored lobby cards (Mitch Jenkins), limited to 500 copies. Remaining sets are now available at Comic Cavalcade store.

picture for size comparison with the book


  1. Thanks for the in-depth look at the Kickstarter hardcover!

    With regard to the print run of the ''regular'' hardcover, I count 3276 copies on the Kickstarter page, not 2276.

    You see, there were 1000 copies for the $25 pledge and 1200 copies (60 x 20) for the $300 pledge. Add to that all the other options and you come well over 3000 copies.

    In any case, Thanks for your fantastic blog!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment and the kind words, and you are right on your counting! It has been corrected in the article


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