Conan The Newspaper Strips Volume 1

Script by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema (September 4, 1978 - October 22, 1978) and Ernie Chan (October 23, 1978 - December 23, 1978). All material is ©Conan Properties International LLC and dark horse Comics.

This books published by Dark Horse Comics in September 2010 (12 x 9 inches or 31 x 23.5 cm, ISBN 978-1-59582-576-6, 280 pages, cover price 34.99$) comes with a fully illustrated hardcover and is printed in horizontal landscape format. There is a picture below displayed for size comparison with a Marvel Conan The Barbarian comics.

In this book, each page displays 2 dailies or one Sunday strip. The size of the dailies has been increased, and from November 26 1978, the Sunday strips have been downsized.

4 daily strips drawn by John Buscema 

a Sunday strip also from John Buscema

art by Ernie Chan

dailies by Ernie Chan 

Sunday strip by Ernie Chan

Note that my copy is the very first edition, therefore and unfortunately it contains a printing error acknowledge by the editor Dave Land: on page 33, the daily strip from October the 20th has been replaced by the one from September the 20th, the later being therefore duplicated.

up is the repeated September 20th strip

Here is the missing strip found here (courtesy of KOBE27):

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