The Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man 1994 Marvel Limited Hardcover

Scripts by Bill Mantlo, Frank Miller, Denny O'Neil and Chris Claremont, art by Frank Miller, Herb Trimp and Mike Esposito. All illustrations are ©Marvel Entertainment Group.

This book was published in June 1994 (ISBN 0-7851-0054-7, 216 pages, no cover price), under the Marvel Limited Line. It comes with a faux leather embossed hardcover, with an exclusive additional embossed illustrated dust jacket  (Frank Miller). Back in 1994, such efforts to produce a nice looking book were quite rare (although not numbered or advertised as a limited edition, the print run is probably very low). Mariano Nicieza is credited as editor on this book designed by Karen cohn.

the Frank Miller Dust Jacket

Second and third of cover share the same illustration. Below is a picture for size comparison with the Frank Miller daredevil Omnibus (this book is the same size as the original comics), and another one showing the high quality binding. The full credits and table of contents follow.

A three pages introduction written by Frank Miller for this edition opens the book, followed by a non credited one page contextual introduction to the characters and stories.

the Frank Miller introduction

The main material is printed on good white quality paper, with what is seems to be the original coloring.

not the cleanest coloring

here we recognize Frank Miller's storytelling

Chapter 6 of this edition is the bonus cover gallery featuring 22 Spider-Man covers drawn by Frank Miller (the full list is on the credits page above).

last page of this edition


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  2. I am a big fan of Spiderman, watched the last movie Homecoming spiderman out of the box. It's very exciting to see the new movie of Spiderman Series. I love the Marvel comic that makes my childhood amazing. I like this book cover but I need retro book cover , just like this Sipderman Marvel Art

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  4. I'll definitely be picking this up, I have most of the actual comics in this book but would prefer to read from a book to keep them as collectibles. It doesn't seem to be too rare oddly.

    Marvel has neglected reprinting Spectacular Spider-Man stories, their newer Masterworks line is a joke. So overpriced and wrongly colored.

  5. Hi! Just came across your blog. I'm the designer for this book and I have to say it was a marvelous (pun intended) experience! There were design ideas that never made it into the book (too expensive to produce). I also began to design a book for Nick Fury but they never produced it.
    Karen Cohn

    1. Hi Karen and thanks you for your comment! Do not hesitate to share the not retained design ideas, you made me curious! Vark


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