Batman Year One French B&W 75th Anniversary Special Edition

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Script Frank Miller, art David Mazzuchelli, all material is ©DC Comics.

These books are part of the French Urban Comics (the DC Comics label of Dargaud) collection published in May 2014 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, along Hush, Dark Victory and Night of the Owls, with a limited print run of 3000 copies each (Killing Joke was published afterward). These are 12 x 8 inches (or 30 x 20 cm) hardcover books sharing the same collection design and published on very thick mat paper. In this article, we will focus on Batman Année Un.

Batman Année Un (Batman Year One):

This volume (ISBN: 978-2-3657-7518-2, 120 pages, cover price 19€) shares the same plain black second and third of cover with all the books from this collection. A picture below is for size comparison with the latest 2012 US Deluxe Edition reprint of this story (this French book can be seen as a B&W partial adaptation of this Deluxe edition).

The book opens with a two pages introduction written by the original editor of the 4 parts series Dennis O'Neil dated March 1988 (originally from the first 1988 TPB). It reprints Batman Year One in full clean B&W (no shades of grey).

Out of the 38 pages extra section produced by David Mazzucchelli featured in the US Deluxe edition, only the ten first pages and the 1988 Frank Miller afterword are included in this French edition. So the rough layouts paired with Miller's script, covers gallery, pencils and colouring process examples are missing (for obvious reason regarding the latter).

The Deluxe editions are described in this article.

The two first comments below refer to an early version of this article when the 2012 US deluxe edition was presented here. Now it has been moved in the Absolute edition article.


  1. That deluxe edition of BYO is the one Mazzucchelli publicly disavowed. He cited digital files, lightened coloring and glossy paper being the reasons for his disapproval. The article won't link but here's reference:

  2. Thanks for the info, I will look into that.

  3. Hi! Do you know if there is any chance, that a batman noir: year one will be released in english sometime? Btw keep up the good work, love your blog, it helps a lot!


  4. Hi and thank you!
    No I don't know if DC have plans to do a Batman Noir of this story.

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  6. Hello.You are have very great collection.But,one question for you?Do you make or create alone, black and white variant comics for self and putting in hard cover.Do you translate english comics in france language and convert color comics in black and white, like this one-Batman year one?Do you think there are some your edition is pirate

    1. Hello. All editions presented here features the legit publisher's reference in the article.


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