Sláine El Dios Cornudo 2013 Spanish Hardcover Oversized Edition

Story Pat Mills and painting art by Simon Bisley. All material is copyrighted Rebellion A/S.

Published in June 2013 by Norma Editorial, this 12 x 9 inches book (30 x 23 cm, ISBN 978-84-679-1201-2, 208 pages, 28€) comes with an inner fully illustrated hardcover and a fully illustrated dust jacket. This edition is clearly the adaptation in Spanish language of the last to date  English speaking hardcover edition of this story published in the US (and available in the UK) in 2011.

One picture below is for size comparison with the English and 2010 French editions (the latter was not published with a dustjacket).

second and third of cover displays different illustrations

In the end of this article I will pinpoint the rare differences between this Spanish edition, and the English edition shown above.

The inner hardcover displays two of the stunning illustrations produces by Simon Bisley.

The story is divided in its original three part form, and the printing quality as well as the paper thickness are very good. This edition displays an introduction by Pat Mills, from the 2008 UK Rebellion reprint.

At the end of the story, there is an extensive commentary section written by Pat Mills (9 pages) and a bonus gallery (6 pages) with original covers, and B&W sketches by Simon Bisley (2 pages).

Main content including the bonus section and dust jacket illustrations are the same for both Spanish and English edition. The Spanish edition features fully illustrated inner covers (they are also displayed in the bonus section). Second and third of cover are also different in the Spanish edition, as well as illustrations on the jacket flaps. After the bonus section, the Spanish edition displays an excerpt from the main material featuring the Dragon. Its counterpart in the English edition serves as illustration for the third of cover of the Spanish edition.

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