Elektra Assassin Hardcover Editions (w/ Daredevil Love and War)

Script Frank Miller, art Bill Sienkiewicz, all material is ©Marvel Comics.

This article deals with hardcover editions of Elektra Assassin, including the limited signed Graphitti Designs edition, but not yet the Frank Miller's Elektra Omnibus (but I am working on it). I will proceed chronologically.

From the Epic Comics 1986 eight issues original miniseries, this story was first reprint in hardcover form by Graphitti Designs in its now legendary hardcover limited signed collection (see other articles of my blog).

This book was published in 1988 (ISBN 0-936211-14-8, 10.3 x 7.5 inches or 26 x 19 cm, 280 pages, cover price 39,95$) and printed on glossy paper. It comes with a fully illustrated dust jacket with new illustrations (at that time). Its size is slightly larger than the regular comics. It is a limited signed edition (2000 copies run) designed by Bob Chapman. The front and back cover illustrations are respectively from a poster and cover of the regular paperback edition).

The inner book comes with a burgundy faux-leather hardcover. One of the open pages displays an exclusive bookplate painted by Bill Sienkiewicz and signed by both the authors. My copy is #22.

A one page foreword written by Joe Duffy introduces the story (the 1987 regular TPB probably features this introduction). All the original virgin covers are reprinted and the book finishes with Frank and Bill acknowledgments, one page each (the only thing that will not be reprinted again in more recent hardcovers).

In 2003, the story has been reprinted in the Daredevil/Elektra Love &War hardcover:

It was published by Marvel (ISBN: 0-7851-1032-1, 11.2 x 7.5 inches or 28 x 19 cm, 350 pages, cover price 29.99$) on glossy quality paper. It comes with a fully illustrated dust jacket with a new illustration on the front cover. A picture below is for size comparison with one of the original comics (also see the opening picture of this article).

The inner book comes in a white faux-leather hardcover.

one of the open pages
The main content is identical to the original comics ("Love & War" one shot and "Elektra Assassin eight issues miniseries). All the original covers are reprinted here (in virgin form for Elektra) as well as the acknowledgment page for the Daredevil story and the Joe Duffy introduction.

Finally, let's take a look at the latest Elektra Assassin hardover in the Marvel Premiere Classic line (as #85):

This book, published in 2012 by Marvel (ISBN: 978-0-7851-6355-8, 10.3 x 7.5 inches or 26 x 19 cm, 285 pages, cover price 24,99$), has the exact same size as the Graphitti Designs edition and is also printed on glossy quality paper.
Pictures above and ISBN refers to one of the 720 copies of the limited variant cover edition. Regular edition (below) differs by its ISBN (978-0-7851-6354-1) and its illustrated jacket, the inner book being exactly the same. Two pictures below are here for size comparison.

to the right is one of the original comics
The inner book comes with a black faux-leather hardcover. The Joe Duffy introduction is of course included as well as the original virgin covers in plain size this time.

This edition is the most comprehensive because it features all the original covers (with titles), all the extra illustrations (poster, 1987 and 2000 trade paperback covers, "Love & War" virgin cover), all the Graphitti Designs exclusive illustrations including the signed plate, and in addition it features the sketch for the Elektra poster as well as a cover drawn by bill Sienkiewicz for the Elektra 2001 series.


  1. Ok, I have the original comics issues and love this series. Which one of this 3 would you recommend in terms of quality, ergonomy and bonus material?

    1. Hi JSB. I will check again the ergonomy and paper quality (hope this evening) and come back to you. In term of bonus material the Marvel Premiere Classic one has it all.

    2. So in term of ergonomy, the hard to find Graphitti designs edition has the best build and the pages lay flat when the book is openned. The colouring of this edition is also the closest to the original comics. Not sure it is a fully positive thing as the colouring in the two other editions is slightly more vivid. The paper quality is quite similar in all three editions.
      Notice that this story is also included in the Elektra Miller Omnibus (see the corresponding article in this blog). I own the second edition and the ergonomy is also very good (same colouring than the Marvel HC, with thinner paper). Ant it features all the extras of the Marvel Premiere edition and some more!

  2. But you seem to think in the omnibus entry that the overall quality of the Omnibus is actually not very good. It looks like the Marvel Premiere Classic is the best way for reading, enjoying and getting extras(?)

    1. The Omnibus has a good ergonomy but perhaps a too thin paper. The Marvel premiere has all the extra but the binding is very tight comparing to the Graphitti and Omnibus.

  3. So which one would you advise in fine? :-)

    1. If you already own the original comics and don't care for the "collector" aspect, go for the omnibus (as the other stories are very good too!)


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