Batman The Dark Knight Returns 10th Anniversary Limited Signed Hardcover Edition

Script Frank Miller, art Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley. All illustration are ©DC Comics. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This limited box set edition was published in 1996 by DC comics (ISBN: 1-56389-341-X, cover price $100) and the books inside the slipcase have approximately the same size than the regular comics. The box contains the main story in a "signed, numbered, smythe-sewn hardcover", three 48 pages sofcover books related to script, art and press, as well as two full-color print of Dark Knight posters (6 x 9 inches or 15 x 23 cm).

Here are pictures of the main hardcover book (same second and third of cover, note the blue ribbon), and the signed and number plate:

This book opens with the table of contents followed by a three pages introduction by Frank Miller. The latter has created new covers, endpapers and chapter headings, 'Sin City' style. The 4 part story is reprint on mat thin lightly yellowed paper (like the original comics books).

This main book ends with 24 pages of bonus material: original covers  original plot to book four and unpublished sketches (at that time).

The first 48 pages Prestige Format collects the entire original script for book one. Each of the three 48 pages Prestige Format opens and finishes with the same illustrations on tracing paper ans shares the same back cover.

tracing paper

The second Prestige Format is dedicated to unpublished notes and sketches.

The third book displays reviews and related news stories.

Finally, here are pictures of the two 6'' x 9'' full-color retail poster prints:

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