Batman Dark Knight Absolute Edition

Script Frank Miller, art Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley. All material is ©DC Comics and used for illustration purpose only.

This beautiful glossy oversized slipcase (8.5 x 12.8 inches, 21.5 x 32.5 cm) designed by Chip Kidd was published in 2006 by DC Comics (ISBN: 1-4012-1079-1, cover price 99$, my copy is a first print).

The main book inside comes with a glossy fully illustrated dust jacket. It contains the collected "Batman: The Dark Night Returns" as well as its sequel "Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again", both printed on mat quality paper (512 pages).

Back cover (and yes, it is printed upside down)
The inner cover of the book is also fully illustrated, as well as the second and third of cover displaying different illustrations. Below there is also a picture for size comparison purpose (with the original book one cardboard cover for 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again').

The design of the edition is particularly rich. After a few credits pages, there is 2 pages introduction written by Frank Miller exclusive to this edition. Each part of The Dark Knight Returns is introduced by 2 Sin City-esque illustrations.

The three books of The Dark Knight Strikes Again are also introduced by 2 B&W (probably) exclusive illustrations.

This edition ends with an impressive bonus section of 70 pages. The pictures below display what one's can find there.

Above and below The Dark Knight Returns Original Proposal (5 pages)

Above and below covers of the original comics and paperbacks (5 pages)

Above and two following statues and action figures with FM sketches (6 pages)

Above and following The Dark Knight Returns  'From Plot to Art' (25 pages of script exerpts, sketches, pencils, inking..)

Above and below The Dark Knight Strikes Again Sketchbook (22 pages)

The book ends with an acknowledgments and thank you page for both stories, and short bio of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.


  1. I have a quick tip for you, my high-end artbook collector pal.
    Gallery editions for Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" and Moore's Bolland-penciled "The Killing Joke":

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi and thanks for the nice words. I am aware of this Graphitti Designs Gallery editions (my forthcoming realeases section advertised Frank Miller's Ronin), but Graphitti Designs doesn't communicate much about it since April and it's hard to find new updated info. Indeed, I have discovered fortuitously that Ronin was sollicited on site. No news (that I am aware of) about Dark Knight and Killing Joke though.


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