Crossed + One Hundred Vol 1 Signed Hardcover Edition

Script Alan Moore, art by Gabriel Andrade. All material is ©Garth Ennis and Avatar Press. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This regular size hardcover book was published by Avatar Press in August 2015 (ISBN 9781592912650, 10.5 x 7 inches or 27 x 18 cm, 160 pages, cover price $27.99). Below is the cover of the TPB edition:

In its hardcover form, the Crossed +100 Vol 1 was limited to 2000 copies and of that, only 200 were signed (this information was given to me by Avatar press). My copy is one of these 200, which had an additional signature page, the book being identical to the regular HC edition. The certificate of authenticity has been simply printed on a A5 piece of paper.

The end-papers are both plain white. Along a picture for size comparison with Crossed + One Hundred 'Taste Test' (limited print of 3000 copies), below are pictures of the (very tight) binding, and credit page details.

to the left, the 'Crossed Flavor' 'Taste Test' issue

The main part of the book features the six first issues of the series, the one written by Alan Moore. Chapter breaks are used to display the regular and 'future tense' covers, in their virgin reduced form (the 'future tense' cover for issue #1 is used to open the gallery section).

to the left, regular cover for issue #1

notice the typical sequential organization based on 6 panels per page

regular cover for issue #2

there are a lot of details in Gabriel Andrade's art

to the left, the 'future tense' cover for issue #4

to the right, the regular cover for issue #6

for mature readers ..

The book finishes with a 19 pages gallery section. Here is its exact content:
  • 'American History X' wraparound covers for issue #1-#6 by Gabriel Andrade in their virgin form
  • 'Design Sketch' wraparound cover for issue #3 by Gabriel Andrade in its virgin form
  • 'Crossed Culture' covers for issue #1-#5 by Gabriel Andrade in their virgin form
'Future Tense' cover for issue #1

'American History X' cover for issue #1

'American History X' cover for issue #5

'Crossed Culture' cover for issue #5

Notice that the material featured in the 'Taste Test' issue described below is not included in the collected edition:
  • Alan Moore on Crossed +100 (2 pages)
  • Original script pages from Crossed +100 #1 (3 pages)
  • Alan Moore on Future Taylor (2 pages)
  • Original pencil and ink pages from Crossed +100 #1 (9 pages)

To finish this article, and for completion purpose (and because Alan Moore was involved in their concept), here are  the many variant covers produced with the monthly comics not included in the collected edition, introduced by Avatar comments on all covers (text and images taken from the Comic Calvacade site which is the Avatar Press comics store).

'All the covers for the series have been planned out by Alan Moore, with the images enriching and expanding on the series. Clues and glimpses of what came before, and what might be, are found throughout the variant covers.

American History X Wraparound - Each of these will depict a specific time in the past hundred years, showing how things have changed and offering a peek at some key events. Each cover will display the year in which it takes place to help build the full picture.

Crossed Culture - These are all images of how the Crossed have changed the way they live. With few humans left to hunt, and the animal kingdom thriving with predators, even the thrill-driven Crossed have had to make adjustments to their lifestyle.

Future Tense - Each cover is a homage to a famous work of science fiction, and each of those original works ties into themes of this issue.

New World Order Wraparound - These are not for the faint of heart or delicate of constitution. We can't even picture them in this catalog, they are visions of what an ideal all-Crossed world would be. If the madmen have their dreams come true, what would the everyday life look like? These covers are brutally intense images of true horror and may have scenes of torture, depravity, and nudity. These are clearly for adults only. Each copy of this edition will ship in a sealed polybag with a protective slip cover over the actual image to assure it can be racked in stores. The graphic pictured here is the slip cover only. Due to all these special protective measures this edition is strictly limited to initial orders.

Also available with a rare Black Leather cover, and Retailer Incentive covers of Red Crossed and Design Sketch, showing the original works of series artist Gabriel Andrade. Don't miss out on the ultra-rare CGC Numbered Edition as well!'

#6 'Crossed Culture'
'Human Flavor' 'Taste Test' 
#1 'Leather'

 #1 'Design Sketch'

#2 'Design Sketch'

#4 'Design Sketch'

#5 'design Sketch'

#6 'Design Sketch'
And here are the six 'Old Country' numbered CGC variant covers:

The 'Taste Test' issue as well as the 'Leather' issue #1 have also their CGC editions:

'Taste Test' numbered CGC
'Leather' numbered CGC
'Signature Forest Green Leather' CGC

Sadly I have never seen anywhere the 'New World Order" bagged cover.

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  1. I have all 6 issues of the "New World Order" wrap covers. They stopped after the 1st 6 issues.


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