Aliens Absolution French Limited RAW B&W and Collector Editions

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Script Dave Gibbons, art Mike Mignola et Kevin Nowlan (inks). All illustrations are ©Twentieth Century Fox.

left hand side the "collector" edition, right hand side, "RAW" edition

This article deals with French limited special editions of Aliens Absolution (Aliens Salvation), published in April 2016 by Wetta-Sunnyside. First I will described the "RAW" black and white edition (ISBN : 978-2-36074-063-5, 11.8 x 8.3 inches or 30 x 21 cm, 48 pages, 33 € cover price) limited to 250 copies, before reviewing the colored "Collector" edition (ISBN : 978-2-36074-064-2, 10.5 x 7 inches or 26.5 x 17.5 cm, 48 pages, 23.95 € cover price) limited to 500 copies. This book is a reprint of the French Aliens Salvation edition, published by Dark Horse France in 1993, but with new translation and lettering.

regular edition

Three versions of this reprint have been produced: the regular edition with restored coloring (I don't own this edition), the collector edition with an additional slipcase and virgin cover (limited to 500 copies), and the RAW edition limited to 250 copies (this last information comes from the publisher as there is no mention of the print run for the RAW edition, and both editions are not numbered). To my knowledge, this story printed in B&W is a worldwide exclusive. Notice also that the regular and collector editions feature the new cover drawn by Mignola for the US 2015 reprint.

Let's begin with the RAW B&W edition:

Second and third of cover are plain white. Pictures below are for size comparison with the first 1993 French edition of that story, and to show the binding.

second of cover

This edition features just the 48 pages story, without any introduction or extra material. Notice that Kevin Nowlan inks don't hide Mike Mignola's singular style.

Now let's take a look at the Collector edition:

The book is smaller than the RAW edition, but features Mike Mignola virgin cover for the 2015 US reprint (conversely this collector edition doesn't features the original cover), under an illustrated slipcase made with a very thin cardboard material.

the print run (500 copies) is indicated on the top of the slipcase

notice that the interior of the slipcase is also illustrated

Second and third of cover are quite similar to the 1993 Dark Horse France edition (these illustrations are not in the Raw edition).

second of cover 2016 Wetta edition

collector edition binding

third of cover 2016 Wetta edition

second of cover 1993 Dark Horse France edition (same illustration on third of cover)

The 48 main pages are advertised by the French editor as restored in term of coloring. This feature is explained here (in French), but to sum up, let's just say that the restoration has been made from the 2015 US reprint, as the coloring here looks quite the same than the 1993 French edition.

left hand side 1993 Dark Horse France edition, right hand side 2016 Wetta edition

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