The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1 Limited Remarqued Kevin O'Neill Gallery Edition

Script by Alan Moore, art by Kevin O'Neill (lettering by Bill Oakley). All illustrations are ©Moore and O'Neill. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This is simply the artist's edition I was waiting for because Kevin O'Neill is my favorite artist.

Although dated November 2015 in the credit page, this book was issued in February 2016 by Graphitti Designs under the DC/Vertigo label (ISBN: 978-1-4012-6190-0, 12.5 x 17.5 inches or 32 x 45 cm, for the slipcase, 600$). This very limited remarqued edition (15 copies, mine is #6) comes with a sturdy debossed slipcase with debossed taped-spine. This edition also features an exclusive sequentially numbered page signed by Kevin O'Neill and Alan Moore, and a removable 6 x 8 inches (or 15 x 20 cm) signed an numbered page of new original art by Kevin O'Neill produced exclusively for this edition. Notice that the illustration of the signature page is not featured in the regular editions (thanks to BrianWells from this board for the information), and Kevin O'Neill have produced 15 different peace of original art, one for each copy.

the page of original art was inserted in the second of cover

my choice would have been either Mina, either Hyde, I feel lucky

the signature page

It's probably the same illustration that is used for the signature page of the "signed" edition described further

Below are pictures of the regular (from issue #3 cover) and variant (from issue #1 limited DF variant, see the end of this article) covers editions produced by Graphitti Designs, issued without the slipcase:

regular edition

regular edition with DF variant cover

The remarqued edition doesn't feature any image for cover, but these illustrations are in the book itself. Graphitti Designs have also produced a limited signed edition of this book (250 copies), with a slipcase and a sequentially numbered Signature Page signed by Kevin O'Neill. Sadly I don't have any visual of this edition. Prices, store descriptions and availability of all these editions can be found here.

the main book

The inner book (12 x 17 inches or 31 x 44 cm, 184 pages) was printed on thick mat paper. Second and third of cover feature the same background illustration. One of the picture below is for size comparison with issue #6 of the original series and the DC Absolute Edition. There are also pictures of the sewn binding (the book has been printed in China).

third of cover

this is the middle of the book to have a look at the interior seam

This book, referenced as Graphitti Designs Gallery Edition #5, has been designed by Brainchild Studios and edited by Bob Chapman & Joseph Melchior. There are pictures below explaining how at Graphitti Designs they have sourced the original art, and how they have handled the scanning process.

table of contents

The main part of the book, i.e. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1, features all original covers (back cover art, the same for the six original issues, is included in the extra section), and chapter breaks to replace the second of covers of each issues (the vintage adverts have been logically excluded as they are not from the hands of Kevin O'Neill ). Notice that the cover for issue #4 is reproduced here in its original painted form with its velum overlay. Many of the hi res scans are very cleaned, while in others we can easily spot glued dialogues (Arabic and Chinese dialogues) for example.

issue #1 cover

left, chapter break

right: issue #3 cover

notice the velum overlay used for issue #4

cover for issue #4 in its painted form

issue #5 cover

issue #6 cover

zoom on the previous picture, these are indeed hi res scans

so beautiful again ...

The extra section is 21 pages long, and divided in two sections: Kevin O'Neill Gallery (10 pages) and Allan and The Sundered Veil Gallery (11 pages).

Let's begin by the Kevin O'Neill Gallery which features:
  • slipcase back cover of the DC Absolute Edition
  • endpapers for the DC Absolute Edition
  • title page produced for collected edition (including the Absolute)
  • the DF variant cover produced for issue #1 (and used for the variant cover of this Gallery Edition). Notice that this variant cover was reproduced in the Absolute Edition. See also the end of this article
  • covers for the compendium edition part one and two, and for part three and four
  • cover used for the collected edition and Absolute Edition
  • slipcase cover of the DC Absolute Edition
  • the back cover illustration used for the six original issues

illustrations used for the Absolute Edition slipcase back cover

title page used for collected editions and the DF variant cover for issue #1

cover used for the DC Absolute Edition

Every issue of the original series included several illustrations drawn by Kevin O'Neill to accompany Alan Moore's text. Here are listed the one reproduced in their natural state (in size and look) in this book, and the one that were not (the fact that I list what is not included is for the deranged completist that lies inside my wretched soul, in no way it is the beginning of a reproach towards the stupendous work of Graphitti Designs people):
  • Opening illustration included in the DC Absolute Edition
  • Issue #1: the first three illustrations are included, the fourth is absent
  • Issue #2: all three illustrations are not reprinted here (the second was painted)
  • Issue #3: the first and third illustration are included, not the second painted one. Notice that this issue features for the first time an illustration for the Letters to the Editor ... Sir not reprinted here.
  • Issue #4: the first illustration is included, not the two others (the second one was colored)
  • Issue #5: the second and third illustrations are included, not the first
  • Issue #6: none of the three illustrations is included
  • The Bloomsbury Quintet illustration used for collected edition and included in the DC Absolute Edition
  • Biography flap art used for collected editions (including the Absolute Edition)

left, illustration used for collected editions, right, from issue #1

zoom on the previous picture: left, from the original issue #1, right this edition

from issue #3

left, from issue #5, right the Bloomsbury Quintet

illustration for biography flap

Now if at least 15 signed an numbered pieces of new original pencil & ink art by Kevin O'Neill have been produced (probably a little more in case of shipping issues), I haven't found any other browsing the internet. Fink Angel has been kind enough to send me a picture of his own remarqued edition (#3/15), and it is gorgeous:

I hope all of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series will be reprinted in this form (but my wallet could use a break). Although the top priority remains for me Marshal Law.

I have recently acquired issue #1 with the limited Dynamic Forces variant cover (5000 copies):

In addition to this article, and for more detailed insight about the reproduction quality, don't hesitate to read this Comic Book Daily review by Scott VanderPloeg, and go see other pictures on the comicstrade blog.


  1. Wow, this looks amazing!! I am very tempted to buy this, although I already have Dark Knight Returns Gallery Edition on pre-order!

    1. I hear you! Tough Month for Moore & O'Neill fans with this Book and Cinema Purgatorio, and Spring will be in the exact same vein for Miller aficionados as both Dark Knight GE and Sin City curator's edition will be issued.

    2. There is also the reprint of the popular Miller Daredevil Omnibus & Companion!

    3. ... and don't forget Elektra Omnibus ;)

  2. Always enjoy browsing through your new books and the detailled way you present them. Amazing collection. Keep it up. Could you post a photo of your bookcase(s). Pretty curious how that looks. Regards, Rut

    1. Thank you Rut. In fact I don't have for the time being a dedicated place at home to display properly this part of my collection. Most of them are hidden behind my wife wardrobe, and the Artist's Editions are stored in their cardboard boxes on top of each other. Truth is, this blog exists mainly because of that, and permits me to browse into my collection whenever I want without too much efforts.

  3. I have been following your blog for roughly 2 years now, but haven't actually bought any 'collection book', but after seeing you got this Remarqued Gallery Edition, I am tempted to buy the dark knight returns signed edition, do you know where I would be able to pre-order it? I have tried FB (both), but unfortunately, they only have the regular edition...and I want to make it worth for my first buy. thx.

    1. Alas, for the time being Graphitti Designs variant, signed or remarqued edition are only available through their own web store (I have asked them the question recently). And yes it means that you will have to pay full retailer price + approximately $60 shipping to Europe, and the eventual custom fees ...

    2. "full cover price" not "ful retailer price". This is also the case for IDW Artists Edition. But Dark Horse signed Curator's edition of Frank Miller's Sin City is available through (with the usual 30% off).

    3. You must paid a fortune on this remarqued edition!!! I guess that's part of the reason why it become so exclusive & special, thanks for your fast reply! I think I will start contacting graphitti designs to get a more accurate figure of the costing. cheers!

    4. With Graphitti Designs it is better to create an account first, and then if needed use the contact form associated with your account. And with an account you can simulate shipping prices to your home by adding any Gallery Edition in stock. Cheers!

  4. Bonjour, vark!

    This is phenomenal. Amazing book, I better start saving money in case the "Killing Joke" Gallery Edition is released with a signed/remarked variant as well. I will for sure pick up Miller's DKR, but this one is a bit cost-prohibitive at the moment.

    If it's not too much of a hassle, and sorry if it's intrusive of sorts...could you add a picture of the Holmes/Moriarty conversation spread? It's my absolute favorite sequence from all three volumes, and this includes the Black Dossier.

    Again, amazing book. It will become even rarer than that Painfully Limited "From Hell". Congrats!

    1. Hi JJ87. Are you referring to the opening page of issue #5 with the two characters on the left of the Reichenbach Falls?

    2. Right after! "-I'm tired with talk, professor. So, then. To the death? -Oh, yes. Yes, absolutely."

  5. bonjour, tres bonne présentation comme toujours, cependant j ai lu ailleurs qu 'il y avait des soucis de résolutions et pixélisation sur le 3 épisode..l'avez vous aussi constaté ?
    dans tout les cas continuez, c'est toujours un plaisir de vous lire afin , ou pas... franchir le pas et acheter ces monstres !

    1. Bonjour, et merci pour vos encouragements. Comme le décrit Scott Van Der Ploeg sur son site (Comic book Daily) le rendu est effectivement différent, et j'ai également constaté de visu des effets de scaling sur des lignes étendues dans certaines cases de cet épisode 3. Mais rien d'assez prononcé qui m'aurait fait regretté mon achat ;)

  6. Ok merci ! Bon je vais encore un peu reflechir pour celui la ! :)

  7. Hello ! How would you say the Extraordinary Gentlemen series compare to Alan Moore's other masterpieces such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell? Is it as much worth a read? Thanks you !

    1. Hello Martin. LOEG is very hard to compare with the three other books as it is more an ongoing series than a complete story. And it is also a formal exercise for the authors, so some people tend to be overwelmeld by all the details put in the narrative that doesn't add up to the main plot. For my part I really enjoy this series, and each volume/book contains some fabulous moments. Volume 2 (based on HG Wells War of the World) is my favorite so far. Know that I am probably a little bit biased here as the art of Kevin O'Neill hypnotizes me!

  8. Thank you for your insightful answer :)

  9. I'm quite hesitating over my next purchase. Out of curiosity, would you go for The League or Sin City as as first choice? :)

    1. It is almost like to choose between my two children :)!! If you already a fan of both writer (and artist in the case of Miller), I would say go for Sin City as it is classic Miller. But if I was stranded on an island and had to pick only one book, I would chose LOEG.


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