Frank Miller's Daredevil Artifact Edition SDCC 2015

Script by Frank Miller, Roger McKenzie and David Micheline, art by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson (with Josef Rubinstein and Terry Austin). Full credits are detailed further in this article. All illustrations are ©Marvel Comics.

Published by IDW in July 2015 (ISBN: 978-1-63140-352-1, 12.5 x 17.3 inches or  31,5 x 44 cm, 125$ for 144 pages) this book is printed on thick mat paper and is the San Diego Comic Con version with a variant cover (and back cover and probably spine), limited to 175 not numbered copies (see also the end of this article). One of the picture below is for size comparison with the Frank Miller's Daredevil Omnibus. Content of the book is identical to the regular version.

IDW cardboard box

detail of the sticker

sewn binding (the book was printed in China)

detail of the seam

Second and third of cover feature different illustrations. This edition, referenced as Artifact Edition #3, has been designed by Randall Dahlk and edited by Scott Dunbier. The book doesn't feature any introduction by the artists. Below there's also a picture displaying the table of contents of the main part of this book.

second of cover

third of cover

As it can be clearly seen above, just a few of the original art pages before coloring (inked, cleaned and lettered) are printed here, hence the "Artifact" line denomination. Here is a very subjective selection of the Daredevil material, including the wraparound setting.

starring The Hulk

here comes The Punisher

these kind of art truly deserve this oversized setting

wraparound pages recto

wraparound pages verso

The first additional section features material from the Amazing Spider-Man series, the Wolverine Miniseries and the Elektra saga. Here is the detailed table of contents:

the Amazing Spider-Man



The second additional section features covers materials (sometimes in virgin form) for Daredevil and all previous listed characters. Here is the detailed table of contents:

left, the art used for the variant cover of IDW Marvel Covers Artist's Edition

zoom on this beautifully modified logo

one point perspectives

The third and final additional section shows miscellaneous material  including pin-ups (see the detailed table of contents below). The book finishes with a Frank Miller short biography.

Complementary information:
  • This is the regular edition, as advertised by IDW (the SDCC variant edition features also probably a different spine):

back cover (image from ellas_collectibles ebay seller)
See the comments section for complementary pictures of the book, including a picture of the regular edition cover, courtesy of Dave Wallace. 


  1. Great review. I picked this up last month and I've been really enjoying dipping into it. I only wish there was more of the original art available!

    If you want a photo of the cover of the regular edition, I uploaded one here:

    Great picks of pages to show, too. This is another favourite of mine (left-hand page):

    1. Thanks Dave, I wish too that more art pages from the Elektra saga and Wolverine miniseries were available.

  2. Very nice looking book! I am not all that familiar with Frank Miller's Daredevil work. I do have next years the new prints of the omnibus & companion on pre-order.

    Also, I am very excited for the next Frank Miller art book; "The Dark Knight Returns Gallery Edition" coming in February!!:

    I wonder how much original art they got for that.

    1. I have no idea myself. At least, as the original story runs on 188 pages and this gallery edition being announced as a 216 pages book, it will probably features the complete story.


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