Neonomicon (with The Courtyard) Signed Limited Hardcover Edition

Script Alan Moore (adapted by Antony Johnston on The Courtyard), art by Jacen Burrows. All material is ©Alan Moore. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

On some pictures the "moiré" effect is mainly due to sun reflections, sorry for that.

Published by Avatar Press in September 2011 (ISBN: 159291-132-3, 7 x 10.6 inches, 18 x 27 cm, cover price $74.99$), and only available through Comic Calvacade web shop, this signed edition (by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows) has a limited print run of only 200 copies (though it is not numbered).

This book, printed on glassy  paper, collects the 2 issues from The Courtyard story in its colored version (sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston), and the 4 issues of Neonomicon mini series. The Courtyard has also been collected in B&W and hardcover form, for instance in the special edition described here. A picture below is for size comparison with the Neonomicon regular hornbook edition.

The two stories are printed back to back with their original regular virgin covers, plus part of the wraparound cover of The Courtyard #1 and regular hornbook cover for Neonomicon.

Here are pictures from The Courtyard content, and I have added a double page comparison with original B&W issue #1.

colourized version vs ...

... original B&W and shades of grey version

I have found other variant covers for The Courtyard (mostly wraparound) that are not included (at least in their entirety) in this book:

issue #1 wrap
companion tpb
tpb (colour)
deluxe B&W HC set

issue #2 wrap
issue #2 regular

Now, here are excerpts from the Neonomicon section:

the art is really beautiful in my opinion

The book finishes by 15 pages dedicated to variant covers (including wraparound) in their virgin form. Here is the exact content of this gallery and some pictures from the book.
  • Neonomicon #1 Remarqued Edition 50-copy order incentive (retailer exclusive)
  • Neonomicon #1 New York Comicon
  • Neonomicon #1 wraparound
  • Neonomicon #2 wraparound
  • Neonomicon #3 wraparound
  • Neonomicon #4 wraparound
  • Neonomicon Hornbook C2E2
  • Neonomicon Hornbook Wondercon
  • Neonomicon #1 SDCC
  • Neonomicon Hornbook Artifact
  • Neonomicon Hornbook Motor City

Therefore this edition doesn't include these other variant covers (and I am really not sure I am exhaustive here):

issue #1 "auxiliary"
issue #1 "book of the dead"
issue #1 "chicago"
issue #1 "project comicon"
issue #2 "auxiliary"
issue #2 "book of the dead"
issue #2 "New York comicon"
issue #3 "auxiliary"
issue #3 "book of the dead"
issue #4 "auxiliary"
issue #4 "book of the dead"
I could have add the signed hornbook leather cover but it's pretty much the same than the one used for this edition.

Two more covers not included from the regular reprints of Neonomicon:

regular HC
regular SC

Also let's point out that the hornbook issue of Neonomicon features Alan Moore's script excerpts from issue #1 (5 pages). This extra is not included here.

I cannot finish this article without citing this indispensable annotations site dedicated to Alan Moore HPL's related works, Facts In The Case of Alan Moore's Providence. Go check it, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Fantastic write up here, much appreciated.

    I own the digital versions of all of the above as well as the two physical books, but haven't cracked them open (figuring that since I already knew what was inside I'd keep them mint). Until now I did not realize that this version of Neonomicon also contains The Courtyard - the Comic Cavalcade description is rather sparse. So you've cleared that up for me. Thanks!

    1. that's one of the reason (describing in full details the books contents) this blog exists!


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