Frank Miller's Big Damn Sin City Oversized Hardcover

Script and art Frank Miller with additional coloring by Lynn Varley. All illustrations are ©Frank Miller.

note that there is no dust jacket for this book

Published in June 2014 by Dark Horse (ISBN 978-1-61655-237-4, cover price 100$), this über hardcover book (8.5 x 12.5 inches or 22 x 32 cm, around 10 kg for 1360 pages) is printed on thin glossy paper. The picture below is here for size comparison with original issue #1 of A Dame to Kill For.

Diana Schutz is still the editor of the series, and this edition has been designed by Cary Grazzini.

Second an third of cover are identical (plain red). This edition goes to the essential right away, i.e. the complete Sin City stories. No introduction, afterword or any extra whatsoever (only a short bio at the end of the book).

All original issues are reprinted with their respective virgin covers and back covers (except for The Hard Goodbye that were originally published in Dark Horse Presents anthology).

That Yellow Bastard

Hell and Back

My own Dark Horse "Big Book" collection so far:

breathtaking! (especially if you are used to read in bed)

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