Marshal Law The Deluxe Edition

Art and color by Kevin O'Neill (except "Marshal Law Takes Manhattan" coloured by Mark Chiarello), scripts by Pat Mills. All illustrations used here are ©Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill.

This book was published in April 2013 by DC comics (ISBN: 978-1-4012-3855-1, 11 x 7.5 inches or 29 x 19 cm, cover price 49.99$, 420 pages) and printed on thin glossy paper.

It comes with a fully illustrated dust jacket. A picture below gives an insight of the size of this edition compared to previous ones that don't share the same content (French edition, larger UK magazine edition, Graphitti Designs edition, US paperback and regular one shot). Second and third of cover originate from the French edition and were already used for the Graphitti Designs edition.

The inner hardcover book comes with the same virgin illustrations.

Here is the global content of this edition. The book is introduced by Jonathan Ross (2 pages dated November 2012) and Pat Mills has wrote a 2 page afterword in December 2012. A two page coloured map of San Futuro and a new Sleepman title page illustration are exclusive to this edition.

Each story are presented with their original virgin cover (with credits for the "Takes Manhattan" story, and fully developed for the "Secret Tribunal" original comics) and title pages. In fact the main content is quite similar to the UK Titan Books paperbacks series.

one of the greatest splash page ever produced

The book ends with a ten page 'Shooting Gallery'. Most of the material listed here has previously been published in the Graphitti Designs edition:

  • Toxic #14 cover + illustration used for the US "Fear and Loathing" paperback introduction
  • fully developed cover from the second issue of "Secret Tribunal"
  • Covers from "Strip" magazine #1 and #3
  • Covers from volume 2 and 3 of the French Zenda edition
  • Two character designs (Marshal Law and Celeste) for a proposed movie adaptation
  • Illustration for a Marvel retail poster (1989)
  • Back cover of the third volume of the French Edition

Secret Tribunal #2

Marvel poster

French edition virgin covers

character designs
For more details, don't hesitate to go here (English) or here (French).


  1. Just a quick question, have some of the thought bubbles in chapter one (the green and the dark blue ones) ugly moire effects or is it just my copy?

  2. Anonymous: It's the same in my copy.

  3. I have check and it is the same for me too. Generally speaking the reprint quality of this first story has always been non homogeneous. There is also moire and sometimes blur in the French edition which is the first reprint ever published. These default are probably enhanced with over-sized edition (the Strip reprint is not perfect as well).


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