Buffy The Making of a Slayer

A book by Nancy Holder. Once again, this book is not comics related, but it is strongly Joss whedon related, so here it is. All illustrations are ©Twentieth Century Fox.

Published by 47North in December 2012, the harcover faux leather book is housed in a foil-stamped slipcase (without illustration on the back) that also displays an envelope holding with 13 removable pieces (ISBN: 978-1612184135, 176 pages and 11.3 x 8.3 inches or 29 x 21 cm for the hardcover book, cover price 50$).

Here are a picture of the advertisement leaflet as well as a picture of the open slipcase:

Let's begin with the main book printed on thick glossy paper:

back cover

second of cover (same as third)

The content of the book is detailed below, and it displays more than 120 images. Description of the book in the ad leaflet says that the book offers in-depth commentary on the making of the series, exploring characters and mythology of the Buffy universe, key episodes, as well as related productions beyond the initial broadcast (comics book). There is a one page foreword written by Amber Benson.

Amber Benson's foreword

Buffy season Eight (and currently Nine) is published by Dark Horse
At the end of the book there is a two page index for the comics and a comprehensive (6 page) bibliography of the Whedonverse.

Now let's take a look at the 'Slayer Lore' envelope (almost A4 size):

It contains some replicas of the ancient spells and prophecies used on-screen (or previously unseen). Here are some examples:

Pages from the Watchers Diaries about a previously unknown Slayer named Rebecca in 1793 from a prop book that was never read on-screen

Page used in 'The Harvest' [1x2]

Spell Willow performs to restore Angel's soul in 'Becoming' [2x21-22]

Half part of the A3 floor plans of City Hall as seen in 'Choices' [3x19]

'Gentlemen' sketch from 'Hush' [4x10]

Newspaper clippings on the history of Lowell House in 'Where the Wild Things Are' [4x18]

Parchment written in Nezzla language from 'Seeing Red' [6x19]

Shadowcaster used in 'Get It Done' [7x15]

In addition to these examples, the envelope also comes with:
  • a description of the demon that possesses Jenny Calendar in 'The Dark Age' [2x8]
  • an historical essay on the mouthless demon used in 'Earshot' [3X18]
  • a page from the book used in 'Doomed' [4x11]
  • pages from the book used by Tara in 'Once More with Feeling' [6x7]
  • an excerpt from the book about the Slayer's origin used in 'Get It Done' [7x15]

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