Firefly a Celebration Anniversary Deluxe Edition

This is not a comic book but it is obviously strongly related to Joss Whedon hence its presence here.

Published by Titan Books in September 2012 (ISBN: 978-1781161685, cover price 49.95$) it comes as a brown (of course) hardcover faux leather edition printed on thick glossy paper. It is not particularly an oversized book (10.8 x 8.5 inches or 28 x 22 cm for the printed pages) but it is pretty loaded for it features 544 pages. Below one of the picture allows to compare this edition with one of the latest Dark Horse firefly comic book.

This book, that focused on the TV series not the Serenity feature film, collects three separate works originally published as 'Firefly: The official Companion Volume One' and 'volume two', and 'Firefly: Still Flying'. It is designed by Marcus Scudamore and Martin Stiff. Below are the pictures of the second and third of cover (where the bonus features are stitched), as well as the detailed tables of content.

Features displayed in this edition are too numerous to described so I will stick to what is advertised on the flyer slid on the back cover:
- in-depth interviews with Joss Whedon and the cast and crew
- full, uncut shooting scripts to all the episodes
- scores or rare photos and pieces of production art, unavailable elsewhere
- specially taken photos of props and costumes
- new stories from writers of the original TV episodes
- plus, as an exclusive bonus for this edition, nine frameable portraits photos of the cast, and a facsimile of one of the bank notes featured in the show

Exclusive features start here:


above and following, 9 frameable pictures

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