Joe Golem and the Drowning City Deluxe Limited Slipcase Signed Edition

Script Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden, illustrations Mike Mignola.

This deluxe edition of a (lightly) illustrated novella was published in October 2012 by Dark Horse Comics (ISBN: 978-1-5982-971-9, cover price 99.99$, 256 pages). It comes as an hardcover book with a sewn in  black ribbon bookmark (8 x 9.5 inches or 20 x 24 cm) inside a  black cardboard slipcase (covered with a 'handle with extra care' velvet like paper) and printed on mat thick paper.

This particular edition limited to 1000 copies features a short extra story (20 pages) 'Joe Golem and the Copper Girl', and an exclusive signature plate signed by both the authors. If it weren't for the signed plate (and perhaps the small print), I don't really understand what justifies so high a price, because although nice it's not an oversized book, it is not printed in color, it is only 256 pages long and the slipcase is of a very fragile type.

Along the written pages there is from time to time some small B&W illustrations by Mike Mignola, and I don't think there is anything else to say (a bio page at the end and that's it).

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