Nemesis the Warlock Death to All Aliens Classic Hardcover

Script by Pat Mills, Art by Kevin O'Neill & Jesus Redondo (B&W). All illustrations are ©Rebellion A/S

Published in March 2003 by 2000AD/Titan Books (ISBN 1-84023-475-X, cover price 19.99£), this canvas hardcover book ( 8.8 x 11.9 inches or 22,5 x 30,2 cm) comes with the Titan Books hardcover "Classic" collection style dust jacket (see picture at the end of the article).

The book, printed on thick mat paper, features 155 pages of book one and two from the alien Warlock saga, plus a few shorts:
"Terror Tube"
"Killer Watt"
"The Sword Sinister"
"Book I : World of Termight"
"Book II : The Alien Alliance"
"The Secret Life of the Blitzspear"

There is also a 2 pages introduction, 1 page displaying Pat Mills synopsis for "Terror Tube" and 4 pages for the cover and pin-up gallery (B&W).

Note that this book was reprinted with the exact same content (but different cover) in softcover paperback edition in March 2004 (Titan Book/Rebellion) with a thinner and a little bit glossy paper.

My Pat Mills related Titan Books Classic Deluxe collection:

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